Being an independent Artist I have developed a special set of skills. 


Video Production

Experienced in Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects & Final Cut Pro I have years of experience in video production in different fields shooting, producing, and editing music videos, commercials, highlight reels, tutorials, and promos for companies such as Coca Cola all the way to your neighbor's daughter's recital. Feel free to contact regarding rates and services available. 


Music Production

Proficient in the music industry standard protools I also have proficiency in Maschine by Native Instruments. 
Experience with songwriting, tracking vocals, mixing and mastering with industry top plugins such as Waves Audio. Feel free to contact me with inquiries about recording your next hit or even just looking for studio time to record your scratch demo. 


As a music artist pictures are important to get someone interested in your music. Don't skimp in this area thinking your myspace pictures will cut it. I have experience shooting creative shoots for artists, headshots for actors and business professionals and many other style of shoots, feel free to contact me with inquiries.